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  • Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority is the manager of Nigeria”s Sovereign Wealth Fund.
  • established as an independent agency by an Act of the National Assembly
  • commenced operations in October 2012 with an initial seed capital of USD 1 billion
  • NSIA is a key institution facilitating private investment into the Nigerian infrastructural sector



  • Supranational Institution established in 2006 that provides guarantees of local currency loans and bonds to finance infrastructure in lower income countries
  • member of the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) sponsored by five G12 governments
  • has issued guarantees totalling USD 513m for 36 infrastructure projects in 14 lower-income countries.
  • rated AA- by Fitch, A1 by Moody”s AAA by Bloomfield, AAA rating from the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA).


How InfraCredit Works

InfraCredit”s credit guarantee provides investors with timely payment of principal and interest



Key Features

Guarantee Features
  • Pari Passu Rights
  • Voting Rights
  • Naira Obligations
  • Partial/Full
  • Senior Ranking Obligations
  • Non-Acceleration
  • Up to 25 year Maturity
Legal Documentation
  • Deed of Guarante
  • Recourse Agreement
  • Security Deed


Eligibility Criteria

By adopting a ”zero loss underwriting policy” InfraCredit will only guarantee a portfolio that contains
lower potential default frequency and loss severity characteristics

  • Naira denominated
  • Debt Instrument (including Sukuk)
  • Must be an eligible Infrastructure Activity
  • Acceptable Credit Profile based on InfraCredit”s internal credit assessment
  • Asset value is not directly linked to oil Minimum ”Bbb-” investment grade rating
  • Adequate Security Package
  • Debt Tenor of up to 20 years
  • Satisfies InfraCredit”s Environmental and Social Safeguards Standards
  • Is not on IFC”s Project Exclusion List
  • Issuer is PENCOM Compliant
  • Agricultural Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Gas transportation, distribution and storage
  • ICT/Telecoms
  • Inputs to Infrastructure
  • Power
  • Transportation
  • Urban infrastructure including social & economic infrastructure e.g. housing, hospitals
  • Waste Management Services
  • Special Purpose Vehicles/Companies
  • Operating Infrastructure Companies
  • Privatised Companies.
  • Parastatals or Public Corporations
  • State and Local Governments


Benefits of InfraCredit

InfraCredit will create an alignment of interest between commercial parties, the financial markets,
pension funds and the government
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